MT5241 – Computational Fluid Dynamics I

Solution of a Third Order Ordinary Differential Equation

Method 1:

Fourth Order Runge-Kutta integrator coupled with Newton-Raphson (root finding method) to calculate the left hand boundary condition (required for the Runge-Kutta integrator).

Method 2:

D02RAF NAG routine (finite difference boundary value problem solver)

Solution of a Pair of Coupled Partial Differential Equtions

Solution of a pair of coupled elliptic second order partial differential equations relating to the stream function and vorticity in Stokes flow (low Reynold’s number) using point and line successive over relaxation.

Method 1:

Gauss-Seidel iteration (point iteration scheme)

Method 2:

Thomas’ Tridiagonal Algorithm (line iteration scheme)

Impulsively Started Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow Around a Cylinder

Thomas’ Tridiagonal Algorithm